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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Using Pyrite Ore to Make Gold

I recently wrote a guest post for justmytwocopper covering the ways that you can use pyrite ore to make gold. Just follow the link at the end of this article to go check it out.

"Pyrite Ore is the uncommon ore of the Cataclysm expansion.  It can be used in various professions so it’s hard sometimes to figure out which profession would be the most profitable to use to make gold with pyrite ore.The first thing we are looking at is the elephant in the room, speculation of epic gems.....  "
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  1. elephant in the room or tree under the forest...

  2. other quote : "One other reason why I collect gold for Wow personally is that in “burning crusade” I was always poor and borrowing money from my guild, at that time I just didnt know about the gold making aspect, but I learnt, I farmed, I crafted, and I made my way to the auction house and started making gold, never looked back really. "