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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bags,Bags and More Bags

Bags are a constant item in WoW. Every person needs them at some point while leveling their character. There are bags for nearly every single profession and also generic bags too. Lets look at each of these bags and where they come from.

Generic Bags

The generic bags are the bags that are made through tailoring. Several of these bags sell rather well also. The ones that sell well include the glacial bag, abyssal bag, frostweave bag, embersilk bag, illusionary bag , and of course the netherweave bag. The mats of most of these bags can be gotten cheap enough to allow you to turn a large profit on them. I would recommend saving your dreamcloth instead of making any more illusionary bags right now mainly because of 4.2 and the new recipes coming out. Netherweave bags tend to sell in groups of 4 so I would recommend posting at least 4 of them at a time. The mats for the frostweave,abyssal and glacial bags can be bought pretty cheap usually and they usually sell for the same price as an embersilk bag.

Herb Bags 

There are actually two herb bags that sell quite well. The wrath version of it is the emerald bag and the cataclysm bag which is the Hyjal Expedition Bag. You can usually sell at least two or three bags a week.

Enchanting Bags

Again lets look at two enchanting bags in case the market for one could be bad. The Mysterious Bag is the wrath version and the mats price for it can be cheap sometimes. The Otherworldly Bag is the cataclysm enchanting bag but it is kinda unique in that it uses wrath enchanting mats to make it. This tends to make it one of the cheapest specialty bags to make.

Jewelcrafting Bag

There's only one jewelcrafting bag and it is rather small compared to the other specific profession bags. It's called the Bag of Jewels and it only has 24 slots. People tend to buy it though because profession specific bags will automatically sort your inventory for you so it makes it easier to manage your auctions. The mats are easy enough to get and it will sell for triple the price of mats easily. There usually isn't a lot of competition on these bags since its a rather niche market.

Mining Bag

All of the previous bags could be made through tailoring. These next bags including this one are all made through leatheworking. The only mining bag of note to sell is the Mammoth Mining Bag. Mats are very cheap and can also be easily farmed.

Inscription Bag

The one inscription bag of note is the Pack of Endless Pockets. It is a very useful bag for glyph sellers and in very high demand. The mats are exactly the same as the mining bag so you can expect to get them quick and cheap.

Leatherworking Bag

The one leatherworking bag to take notice of is the Trapper's Traveling Pack . It is the largest bag for leatherworking and also skinning so it is a decent seller too. The mats are the exact same as the previous two bags made from leatherworking.

Engineering Bag

These next two bags are both made through engineering. There's only one engineering bag that seems that sells decently. It is of course the Elementium Toolbox. The mats should be rather cheap on most servers because of the price of elementium ore.

Fishing Bag

There's a fishing bag it seems. I've never actually attempted to sell one but I could see it being useful to some people. It is called the Lure Master Tackle Box. Its mats make it fairly cheap to craft. If it sells tho, I've honestly no idea on that one.

Miscellaneous Bags

There were quivers, bag to hold ammo, for hunters and soul shard bags,bag that hold soul shard for warlocks, but both ammo and the amount of soul shards got destroyed in cataclysm.

Well that wraps this post for today. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. IMO the reason the Bag of Jewels is so uncommon - like a lot of them, actually - is because it involves a rep grind. JC bag is BC grind too, so if you're flying through leveling, it's tough to get en route. I spent abt two or three hours grinding rep yesterday and wanted to puke b/c for whatever reason I grinded it on the wrong toon lol. >.<

    But yeah, rep grinds keep the pattern dispersion down IMO lol

  2. Ouch, Yeah I agree with you about patterns that require rep grinds. Usually see far fewer of that item unless its from a rep that is from the current tier of raiding.

  3. The LW mining bag is Kalu'ak dailies, exalted rep I think. I was lucky I found it as I was passing through on my 1st alt (lvl 73ish at the time) so doing the dailies gave me xp for a long while. The only reason I found the quartermaster, believe it or not, was the fishing rod they also sell - my in-game mentor had one & it was my first ever 'must get that' item in game :D