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Monday, July 11, 2011

Apologies and an Update

First I would like to say I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything for nearly two weeks now. I've been currently away from the internet and having some stuff to sort out with in real life. I should have at least given a heads up but sadly I didn't. I would like to profusely apologize for that.

Also I think my next gold making post will be coming in around a week or so. I can't be more specific than that but with luck I'll have something posted by next week.

Again I'm sorry and thanks for giving me a read

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Post Patch Day: Afterthoughts and Regrets

Its been a hectic few days now since the patch. Prices have fluctuated a lot lately even for the cheaper items but thankfully prices have settled back down to around the normal price range plus or minus 10g.

How Did I Do

I did okay after the patch. I put a decent amount of enchants, gems and belt buckles up before the servers came down. When I managed to make it back on I made about a 14k profit or so. Not great but not horrible either. I then started to craft a few sets of the new pvp gear but I haven't managed to sell any of it yet sadly.

Afterthoughts and Regrets

One of the main things I wish I did for the patch was to stockpile a lot more. Mainly I should of stockpiled a lot of  each volatile and a lot more obsidium ore and elementium ore. I also should of posted a lot more cut gems seeing how mine sold rather quickly.  Hindsight is 20/20 though so not much I can do about it now besides to learn from my mistakes for the next patch.

Well that's all for now, hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

First things to do in 4.2

Sorry its been so long but today lets talk about what you should be doing first once 4.2 hits.

First Thing First

Purchase or learn whatever new recipes are available to you. This mainly includes the various new pvp gear. Its very important to learn these so you can be one of the first people selling them.

Crafting  and Posting the Second

Start crafting these new pvp pieces and also the new glyph. Post them up on the ah immediately at a large price if possible so your price will somewhat endure the undercutters that will eventually pop up. Also you should post any of the items that you may have stockpiled for 4.2. This would mainly include gems, enchants(especially back enchants), belt buckles, flasks, potions and food. People will usually spend more on patch day just because of the fact it is patch day.

Looking for Deals and Steals is the Third

Some people will be posting the various boe epics for a very low price convinced that they are essentially worthless. Yes they would eventually lose their value but until people either do enough firelands dailies to unlock the recipes to craft the weapons these boe weapons and some of the armor too would still have some value. People interested in these epics are the ones who want to get into heroics immediately without having to worry about gearing up through regular dungeons.

Fourth of Course Continue to Ride the Horse that is Called Daily
Do the Firelands dailies. Every single day on any of your toons that can obtain any useful recipes from there. If you don't then you are denying yourself potential gold making possibilities. 

That about wraps it up for this post. I'll try to post a bit more regularly hopefully.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Laziness and gold making

People are lazy. Its true, just look at the number of people who buy vendor bought recipes from the ah for 4x the price or more. You can use this to your advantage for quite a few things. One thing I won't be covering is vendor bought recipes and pets just because I haven't sold very many of either one.

The Glyph Package
Buying all the glyphs for a certain class from the ah is rather tedious. Instead offer to sell glyphs in packages in trade chat. I would say to sell them in sets of prime, major, and minor glyph slots that way it would be easier to cod them. You could of course sell every single glyph for a single class in a package too but having to cod it through the mail could be risky because they may only accept and pay for the glyphs that are worth the most on the ah. I would recommend selling class packages of glyphs for face to face deals only.

Food  Achievements
There are several achievements that require you to eat several different types of food or even cook several types of food. Achievements like these include: Drinks , emotion , cookies, and delicious.
The first three you can set upon a price and cod them to people. The last one is a rather large achievement so I would recommend only selling it via trade. One could also sell a complete set of mats for all three of the gourmet achievements which are northrend , cataclysm , and outland .

The Other Achievements
Mainly pay attention to holidays and set up items for whatever items the achievements require. For instance the delicious chocolate cake from children's week. Then there are certain reputations that require a large amount of items to become exalted with that faction. These include Cenarion Expedition, Aldors, Scryers, and the Cenarion Circle.

Well that about wraps this post up. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick tip

Its been a while since I've done a post but figured I could do a quick post today and hopefully I can get a more in depth post up about something or another in the next couple days.

Selling Guild Banks
You use your guild bank a lot to store and manage items but have you ever thought about actually making gold by selling a guild bank. This doesn't have to be a special guild of any sort. It could just be a 2 tab bank with the worse name in the world but you could probably sell it for 500g+ because of how lazy people are. Most people won't take the time to get enough guild signatures so you can use their laziness against them. If you have a decent name then you could possibly charge more for it.

Sorry for the quick post today but come by in the next couple days and hopefully I'll have a larger post set up.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Using Pyrite Ore to Make Gold

I recently wrote a guest post for justmytwocopper covering the ways that you can use pyrite ore to make gold. Just follow the link at the end of this article to go check it out.

"Pyrite Ore is the uncommon ore of the Cataclysm expansion.  It can be used in various professions so it’s hard sometimes to figure out which profession would be the most profitable to use to make gold with pyrite ore.The first thing we are looking at is the elephant in the room, speculation of epic gems.....  "
Read More

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Generic 4.2 Stockpile Post Incoming

Here's the generic 4.2 stockpile post that I have been meaning to post. I'll try to cover all the professions that seemed notable. I will not be covering the new epic patterns just yet because of its still unknown where living embers can be obtained yet. If i don't mention where you can obtain a new pattern that is because you learn it from the trainer.

Tailoring has 2 new pvp sets available to it along with a new 36 slot gem bag. The two pvp sets requires embersilk bolts, volatile air, volatile water, and volatile air. You would want to get 152 bolts of embersilk, 67 volatile fire, 37 volatile water, and 30 volatile air if you would want to craft one complete set of each. The new gem bag takes 3 dreamcloth but to get the pattern requires doing several days of dailies in the Firelands.

Inscription has a new glyph that can be learned from the major glyph cooldown in which the glyph takes 3 inks of the sea. Inscription also has 3 new pvp relics that it can make. You would need a total of 15 inferno inks,  18 volatile life, 18 volatile waters, and a few vendor items to make each one.

Engineering has a new scope and a new gun. Each of the patterns will require doing several days of dailies. The scope takes one hardened elementium bar, 4 electrified ether, 5 obsidium bolts, and 2 dream emeralds. The gun takes 5 hardened elementium bars, 8 truegold, one vendor bought hair trigger, one vendor bought walnut stock, and 5 chaos orbs.

Blacksmithing has  2 new pvp sets which include the Bloodthirsty Pyrium set and the Bloodthirsty Ornate Pyrium set. Each complete set requires 97 elementium bars and the ornate set requires 80 volatile water while the other set takes 80 volatile fire. Blacksmithing can also create several new weapons. To get the patterns for the weapons requires doing several days of dailies in the Firelands. Each weapon takes 8 truegold , 5 chaos orbs, and various other materials. To craft one of everything you would need: 3 ocean sapphire, 8 zephyrite, 2 inferno rubies,  2 jaspers, 1 ember topaz, 30 volatile water, 8 volatile fire, 8 heavy savage leather, and 19 hardened elementium bars.

Leatherworking has 4 new pvp sets that it can craft along with two new bags and a new leg armor. It also has two new cloaks that it can craft.  Two pvp sets take 80 heavy savage leather, 40 volatile fire, 20 volatile life, and 20 volatile waters each. The other two pvp sets take 64 heavy savage leather, 80 blackened dragonscale, 40 volatile fire, 20 volatile life and 20 volatile waters each. Each cloak takes one pristine hide and either 4 volatile earth or 4 volatile fire. The patterns for both the leg armor and both bags requires doing a lot of dailies in the Firelands. The new leg armor takes a pristine hide and 20 volatile earth. The new inscription bag takes 3 inferno ink and 3 pristine hides. The new mining bag takes 3 pristine hides and 15 volatile earth.

Jewelcrafting has six new pvp rings that it can make. To craft one of each would take: 6 jeweler's settings, 9 ocean's sapphires, 9 inferno rubies, 9 amberjewels, 16 volatile air, 22 volatile water, 4 volatile fire, 16 volatile earth, and 4 volatile life.

I would recommend preparing several of each of the maelstrom enchants along with several of the other top enchants with a greater focus on cloak enchants. There is a greater focus on cloak enchants because everybody can get a brand new 365 cloak from the new Thrall quest line.

The total amount of items needed to make one each of the trainer recipes and one each of the daily vendor recipes(not including vendor bought items)
embersilk bolts-152     volatile air-46          volatile water-267
volatile fire- 323          volatile earth-55      volatile life- 102
truegold- 72                 inferno inks- 18       heavy savage leather-296
elementium bars-194    hardened elementium bars-25      blackened dragonscale-160
inferno rubies-11          ocean's sapphires-12         amberjewel-9
dream emeralds-2         ember topaz- 1              dreamcloth-3
pristine hides- 9            jasper-2                         zephyrite-8
ink of the sea-3             electrified ethers-4        obsidium bolts-5

That about wraps it up, thanks for pushing through it